The system has no basic programs. Any individual program can very easily be loaded and stored. It can be retained in the memory and used either as it is or in a modified version or it can be erased and overwritten. Programming and synchronization of the two control units is done via the terminal. The set times, operating instructions and fault/error messages are indicated on the display. Similarly, the program performance can be read from the display (i.e. how much green time still to run?). The traffic light phases can be set to suit the requirements of the country which the light system is to be used in. The light-signal units can be set to operate continuously with the lights off (stand-by operation) so that no light-signals are emitted over the weekend. The internal program however, will continue to run undisturbed, so enabling the signal function to be resumed at any time. All the signal lights are monitored electronically and any fault occurring will be indicated on the visual display. If the red light is faulty, the system will switch to flashing amber light. The light system self-adjusts constantly to suit the operating voltage and ambient light conditions. The operating battery voltage is monitored. Warning of undervoltage results in flashing amber light. Any warning of undervoltage is indicated on the display. The operation of the light system can be interrupted without need for reprogramming afterwards. The program sequence will be maintained for approx. 20 hours. Any failure of the halogen light bulbs or of the energy saving LEDs is indicated at once. The light sources are protected against short circuits.

Field of application:
Designed for two-phase control
Circuitry in the green light chamber
terminal with illuminated LCDisplay
automatic calculation of red/green times by setting distance and Km/h only or individual values for all parameters
voltage control (deep discharge protection)
program storage on power break
automatic night dimming
most countries’ traffic codes
various languages selectable (English, French, German, …)
12 V battery or 220-240 V via transformer
by quarz timers
Operation mode:
Automatic, Permanent red, Amber flashing, Lamps off, Manual
Operation hours:
Halogen: approx. 7 days
LED: approx. 10 – 14 days
with fully charged batteries 12 V /180Ah
Signal safety:
red bulb monitoring
self control against wrong signals or faulty lamps
two independent time circuits for best possible synchronization
Programming and synchronization:
Separate terminal (protection against unauthorised use)

Euro-Signal-Set (Extent of delivery)

2 x Signal head incl. control unit (Halogen or LED), 1 x Terminal,
und 2 x Battery carts, metal for 1 rechargeable battery